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logoBryan is a Licensed Professional Engineer practicing LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Principles.

Use the Contact page for more information on consulting services, education, site inspection, healthy residential, commercial, or industrial property evaluations, procurement, and construction phase services. The 3 Primary Objectives of Green Consulting that work together:

HEALTH This includes avoiding or reducing toxic, carcinogenic, or VOC products in residential and commercial properties. Also: indoor air quality, particulate reduction, ventilation, humidity control, drainage control, microbiological and dust mite reduction, etc.

MONEY Savings. This is from utility bill savings and reuse. Energy efficiency, solar and wind power, reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint, and reuse of water and materials, sustainability. Energy efficient lighting and appliances, heat pump, programmable thermostats, zoned/partitioned heating and cooling, airtight efficient gasketed ductwork, proper healthy insulation, etc. (An example: You would not come home at night and turn on all the lights in the whole house. And, keep them on when you leave! Yet, that is similar to what people do with 1 thermostat for the whole house. Over 80% of American households do not use programmable thermostats, much less zoned/partitioned HVAC.) Keep in mind with greater demand by the public, and greater volume of green products purchased, manufacturers will provide more options and the up front cost goes even farther down as manufacturers produce more and contractors gain more experience using Green technologies. An example of how volume sales drives cost down is the electronics industry- when a DVD player first came out it may cost $1,200, but after it becomes common a DVD player can sell for $89, and with more features than the original. So save money with the Green items you use, and continue to see the up front cost go down also!

EARTH Preservation. Preserving the Earth for the rest of our lifetime and for future generations starts with each individual. Using Solar power, reducing emissions and energy consumption, and recycling to preserve our resources, minimize greenhouse gases and the effects of global warming, etc.


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Background Experience

In addition to designing and building custom model green homes such as my own, I have designed and inspected the construction of many of my projects around the world. I have collaborated on multiple wealth building ventures and assisted in creativity to bring ideas to action to create as much cash flow as the free market will bare in free enterprise.

I have consulted with the U.S. Military on Army and Air Force bases around the globe, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the Coast Guard, I have consulted politicians for their campaigns, including a prominent Vice Presidential and Presidential candidate for the White House, and I am also an Author and Speaker on Green Living for Health, Money, Earth; and Wealth Building. I am the Founder of seminars and workshops on: obtaining FUNDING for your existing business or startup turnkey business; Green; Wealth Building; Entrepreneurial Mentoring; Business Development; and Financial Education.

If you feel you deserve my assistance or want to collaborate, call the phone numbers now to reach
Bryan the Green Guy through associates or personal assistant and we may qualify you for a FREE Consultation on building your Wealth and designing the Lifestyle that YOU choose for Health, Money, and Earth.