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CEO of BD Productions

Bryan David is an Executive Producer of Film and Music. He has always had a passion for film and television with a personal goal of providing quality entertainment to the masses.

As an owner of successful businesses, Bryan transfers his skills to the entertainment realms of film, television, music, and concert productions... as he brings the knowledge, talent, and personal relationships with key individuals to every venture he and his staff & collaboration partners invest their time in... yielding success for everyone.

L.A. International Film Festival, Honorable Mention, 2011
The Price Film - Honorable Mention top 10 films in category

Action on Film International Film Festival, Best Production Design, 2011
The Price Film

Action on Film International Film Festival, Best Sound Design, 2011
The Price Film



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Films and TV

House of Forbidden Secrets

HouseofForbiddensecrets400Suspense, thriller, horror film. 

Executive Producer: Bryan David

Director: Todd Sheets

Starring: Lew Temple, Antwoine Steele, Bryan David, Dyanne Thorne, Allan Kayser (These actors collectively have appeared in: Academy Award (TM) winning film Rango, TV series The Walking Dead, Waitress with Keri Russell, Rob Zombie's Halloween and The Devil's Rejects, Disney's upcoming blockbuster The Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp, Zombie Bloodbath, Ilsa- Tigress of Siberia, Night of the Creeps, TV series Mama's Family, etc)  

The Price

The PriceSet in a gritty economically devastated NYC, "The Price" is the story of two outlaws and the bounty hunter who pursues them. 

Inspired by John Carpenter and Escape From New York among many other influences...

The film stars Carlos Gallardo ("el Mariachi", "Desperado" and Quentin Tarantino's "Planet Terror"), Solomon Trimble ("Twilight"), Mali Elfman, Michael May & James St. Vincent.

Directed by: Zeke Pinheiro & James  St. Vincent

Produced by: Bryan David, Ashleigh Snead, and Michael May

The Pom Pom Massacre


The Pom Pom Massacre, the Cheerleaders must Die is like Friday the 13th at Cheerleading Camp meets the Scream franchise.  

It incorporates elements of slasher films with entertaining humor without taking away from the Hitchcock-like suspense and 'who done it' plot twists. 

Checkout the poster:


Cable TV Series

Staffers:  These 2 buddies may have messed up their last jobs, but at this Marketing agency anything goes! Entourage meets Office Space

Executive Producer: Bryan David

Starring: JD Rosen, Dustin Kaufman



Also Coming soon:

Italian American Princess

This film is The Godfather meets My Big Fat Greek Wedding


The Boogie Knight

The Boogie Knight is a great comedy film with a wide blend of: 

Bored To Death (bumbling detective), Superbad (drawings of...well...things), Kick Ass (unlikely superheroes), and Seth Rogen and also Jay & Silent Bob type comedy films (camaraderie among sidekicks)

Executive Producer: Bryan David

Director: Matt Green

Starring: Christopher Titus, Dustin Kaufman, AJ Finney, Bryan David

Studio: BD Productions, LLC


also coming soon:

The Brothers

This film is I Hope they Beer in Hell meets American Pie. It is the epic story of the Bryan brothers


This film is The Natural with Robert Redford meets Miracle, the US Olympic hockey team "miracle on ice" story. Simply put, you could refer to this film as hockey Rocky... This is a story of second chances, and of the triumph of the human spirit. It is the story of a hockey prodigy whose path to success went off the rails.



Comedy Feature Films


4 Comedy Feature Films in talks.  (Including contract negotiations on one that occured all day Monday...) 

One is a coming of age story in suburban Chicago that could be defined as a modern version of Risky Business with a twist.  Another is a romantic comedy about a guy with more heart than ability that never seems to let any factors deter him from the women who enter his life.  The next is a band of brothers and the camaraderie that ensues on their adventure.  How about a musical parody of a unique rock band comprised of the most eclectic personalities you could imagine... with eskimos...

more information or other project options to follow... stay tuned and feel free to provide your feedback on what you would like to see...


Music and Concerts

The Tempest

tempestThese young talented musicians merge the school of rock with bands ranging from Skillet to Heart to youthful family acts like Hanson... since The Tempest includes a family element with a brother sister duo, not to mention the perfect mix of male and female band members.  Simply put these teen prodigies will blow you away.

Make sure you do not miss their high energy show on tour!

Listen to their tracks:

Hate Incorporated

hateHate Incorporated is what has been described as "metal with a groove".

Checkout a video & tracks of the band:

Comedy and Other Projects


by Dustin Kaufman Produced by BD Productions.

Coming Soon!
Imaginationless Tour Documentary
From LA, through the Midwest to the hot spots of East Coast. This documentary accounts the misadventures and hilarity of a countrywide comedy tour. You're invited!

Dustin Kaufman - Comedian

JKDustin Kaufman is a comedy eclipse. His act is most commonly referred to with two words: Refreshing and Original! With his high-energy, animated satire, mixed with his natural, fearless delivery, he adapts to any venue like a chameleon. Taking the stage with his unforgettably rakish style and ragged poise, he has won the praise of major comedy clubs nationwide.

For Bryan's management info for booking comedian Dustin Kaufman in Los Angeles or anywhere... Click on the CONTACT page of this website: DustinKaufman.com